spam 詐欺メールの観察

メールアドレスを公開していると spam mail, 詐欺メール が結構とどきます。すぐに削除していますが、なかなか凝った設定を創作性していて、面白いと思ったものは記録していこうと思い立ちました。この記事に載せていきます。

Minister of state and Petroleum, UAE


My name is Hon. Ms. Reem Al-Hashimi, I am the “Minister of state and Petroleum” also “Minister of State for International

Cooperation” in UAE. I write to solicit for your partnership in claiming of $47 Million from a Financial Home in Cambodia.

The aforementioned fund $47 Million is my share percentage from my Oil/Gas deal with Cambodia/Vietnam Government within

2013/2014, influentially I don’t want my government to know about the fund. If this proposal interests you, let me know by

sending me an email and I will send to you detailed Information on how this business would be successfully transacted. Be

informed that nobody knows about the secret of this fund except me and I know how to carry out the entire transaction.

Furthermore, as a Minister of Petroleum, I am not allowed to be part of such a deal, because it’s against my country’s

professional practice policy. So I am compelled to ask that you will stand on my behalf and receive this fund into any

account that is solely controlled by you.

I will compensate you with 30% of the total amount involved as gratification for being my partner in the transfer. Reply

to my private email as stated:

Ms. Reem Al-Hashimi

investment in your country from Thailand

I am Ms. Chuachan , from Thailand in Asia continent but currently residing in abroad, I trust this email meets you
in good health, I want to invest in your country and I would like you to assist me in my
investment with moral and physical advises Please do reply me as soon as possible so
we can discuss more.I look forward to hear from you soon
Ms.Fa Ying Chuachan

donate Ten Million EUR

Dear Beloved,

Life is gradually passing away from me as a result of my present medical condition, i’m battling with lung cancer and my personal doctor confided in me yesterday that I have only a few more weeks to live. In view of this setback, I want to donate my estate for humanitarian assistance, since this has always been the plan of my late husband and besides I have no child also with the current refugee crisis around the world. In an effort to compliment the good work of our creator for humanity and the wish of my late Husband I donate the sum of 10,000,000.00 Euro (Ten Million EUR) to you. Upon your acknowledgement of this email and informing me of your nationality and current place of resident, my Bank will facilitate due processes for transfer of this legacy to you. May God bless you as you use this money judiciously for the work of charity to help the less privileged.

Sincere regards,

Ms. Marylyne Vantelli